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Why Do You Need Our Wine & Beverage Insulated Cooler?

You’re driving to work; you have your coffee in an insulated thermos but like to wait until you get to work to drink it. The only issue with that is while you are using a thermos to keep your coffee warm, it’s not as warm as you would like. What can you use?


You’re at a picnic and you’re enjoying some wine with your friends. You go to grab the bottle of wine that was supposed to be sitting in ice and find that the ice is melted and your bottle isn’t so cold anymore. What do you do?


We have you covered in both situations with our Insulated Wine and Beverage Cooler! A little bit about our wine and beverage insulation cooler:

• Has the insulation properties to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 10 hours.
• Is great for transportation as it can absorb shocks without breaking your items inside.
• Very lightweight and with its carrying straps make it easy for transporting.
• Easy to clean should anything get on it.
• Best of all it is an environmentally friendly insulation cooler.


Our Wine & Beverage Cooler can be used for so much more than just keeping your wine cold and your coffee hot. These are a few other ideas you can use your Wine & Beverage Cooler for:

• Keep freeze-pops nice and cold when you’re at the beach or pool.
• Keeps not only your wine cold, but also your liquor and even water bottles.
• Keep Dixie cups of ice cream nice and cold for after your child’s sports game.
• Great carrying case for your pet’s wet food cans when you’re going on vacation and they are coming with you or someone is watching them.


Needless, to say we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t own one of our Wine & Beverage Coolers!