Stay Cool Hot Stuff is a flip box collapsible cooler and insulated box that folds upeasily into a smaller storage size and can fold out to keep your hot stuff warm and your cold stuff cool, and it's perfect as a car cooler or floating cooler.

Tailgating with Flip-Box Insulated Coolers

Preseason football is here, and the regular season is just around the corner, which means tailgating! There is no other way to the full experience of a live football game than by also tailgating before the game.


With tailgating comes food, drinks, and fun with your friends preparing for the game. You obviously need something to pack your food and drinks in, and our flip-box coolers are the perfect cooler to do just that. For cold items you can fill them up and not even need to worry about adding an ice pack, as long as your items are cold when you pack them up. They have the ability to keep your food cold for 10 hours. If you wish to ensure they will remain chilled, simply add an ice pack.


If you want to bring hamburgers and hot dogs, instead of lugging a big cooler to keep them in and a grill, just grill them up before you leave and put them in our flip-box insulated box. Our boxes keep items hot for 4 hours and only will change 12 degrees! Spend more time playing tailgating games with your friends and less time manning the grill!


Are you planning on having a larger tailgate party? Our extra large flip-boxes can hold up to two full size chafing pans.


Once your tailgate is over, simply load your flip-boxes back up and you are good to go. Or better yet, if your flip-box is empty by the end of your tailgating, fold it up for easy storage and a great space saver!


Best of all cleanup will be easy when you get home from the big game. With our flip-box coolers all you have to do is throw them in the dishwasher if they need to be washed.


Spend more time enjoying the fun with your family and friends and less time struggling with your bulky cooler by ordering your own flip-box insulated box today!


Our large flip-box coolers also come in four different colors: blue and black, green and black, red and black and grey and black. Order your favorite team’s colors today!