Large Flip Box Cooller can be packed full with lunch for any summer outing

Ready for Summer?

Hard to believe it that June is almost here, but it is! With that comes the end of the school year and summer vacations! Whether you’re hopping in your RV and going on a road trip, going to the beach for a weekend (or longer) or taking a day trip with your family, being prepared with your Flip-Box Insulated container is important!

RV Trips
As we talked about in a previous blog, our insulated container is great for not only packing up your cold foods but also for packing up essentials needed in your RV. From the Classic all the way up to the XL Collapsible container, any of these sizes are great for your needs.

Beach Trips
Heading to the beach, whether for a day, a weekend or even a week is a fun time for your family! While lugging everything you need onto the beach may not be much fun at the time, what if we told you our Flip-Box Insulated container could make your trip easier? Pack up all of the snacks and drinks you need for the day in one of our coolers and at the end of the day, fold it up for easy carry back to your car, rental unit or hotel. The mini collapsible cooler is perfect if all you need is lunch and some snacks, while the classic cooler may be more ideal for those families who need to make sure they have plenty of snacks with them.

Day Trips
Going on day trips is always a fun and easy adventure for families. While you may not need to pack so much up in your car, snacks, drinks, and maybe even a packed lunch is ideal to have with you. Avoid taking a clunky, old cooler that will take up too much room and opt for one of our insulated container that can be collapsed and save room once it’s empty. Choose from the mini, classic or large, depending on what you intend to take with you!

No matter what trip you are taking and what food or drinks you need to take with you, go with a cooler that makes your life easier! Go with a Stay Cool Hot Stuff Insulated container!