Stay Cool Hot Stuff is a flip box collapsible cooler and insulated box that folds upeasily into a smaller storage size and can fold out to keep your hot stuff warm and your cold stuff cool, and it's perfect as a car cooler or floating cooler.

Perfect Cooler for Your Children’s Sporting Events

School is back in session and fall is officially here, all signs pointing to your time being spent on a field at your child’s sporting event! With being at a field often, whether for practice or games, you want to make sure you have snacks and drinks, not only for yourself but for your children as well. Our mini collapsible cooler and insulated box is the perfect option.

Whether it’s rain or shine, sunny or cloudy, you can pack whatever you need to get through the game. If it’s a chilly day or the game is early in the morning, pack up a mug of coffee or hot chocolate in our beverage insulation box. Also, don’t forget your gloves, pocket warmers, and scarves!

Not only can you bring beverages along, you can also pack the classic insulated cooler with an umbrella, snacks, blankets, extra gloves – you name it! Food and drinks aren’t the only things our products can hold!

Our large insulated box is helpful for those weekends when your kids have tournaments, and you need to be prepared for multiple games throughout the day. Also, if you have other children who will be along, you can even pack in little games, notebooks, cold or hot lunches, and other items to keep them busy.

We love to cheer on and support our children and watch them grow up; maybe they’ll even be playing that sport in college one day! While we can only support them from the sideline, make sure when they get off the field you have a drink and snack ready for them.

Check out our other products and use them for other events you have to attend. We hope your child’s season is off to a great start, and we’re rooting for their team to have an awesome season!