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Let’s Get to Know More About the Flip-Box Insulated Cooler

Our Flip-Box Insulated Coolers are not your normal type of cooler. Compared to Styrofoam coolers and bulky plastic coolers, our Flip-Box cooler has several qualities that are a step above the competition.  Let’s take a moment to learn about those qualities.


Environmentally Friendly
The Flip-Box insulated cooler is made with EPP (Expanded Polypropylene). The benefit of this is the fact that they are 100% recyclable! Styrofoam coolers cannot be recycled, and not all plastic coolers are recyclable. They can also be used over and over again! The main issue with Styrofoam coolers is they can break too easily, which then requires you to throw it away.


Space Saver
Let’s be honest, we are all looking for ways to save space. With our flip-box insulated cooler you can easily break it down to where it is about 60% smaller than when it is up. You can’t do that with Styrofoam and bulky coolers!


No need to add ice to keep things cool in our insulated boxes! If you wish to add some additional cooling, add ice packs. The extra benefit with this feature is no need to waste money on ice that will eventually melt. Buy a few ice packs and reuse them every time!


Whenever your flip-box insulated cooler gets dirty, simply throw it in the dishwasher! Styrofoam coolers, once they are dirty, it’s best to just throw them out. It can also be a pain to have to clean out those big bulky cooler. Save yourself time with our insulated coolers.


All in all, our flip-box insulated coolers will save you time, money, space, the environment and much more! And best of all they are at an affordable cost! You can’t say that about its competition!  If you haven’t purchased a flip-box cooler yet, take the time to do so today. We have several different sizes you can choose from all – with FREE SHIPPING throughout the United States.


Our customers have tons to say on this product:

“Stay cool large flip top foam coolers are perfect for my vacation chef business. It allows me to prepare food, bring cold items (or hot) to clients in a safe manner. They can be stacked to maximize space and fold down to conserve usable storage. I use ice pack sheets to maintain cold temperatures and they are still frozen at the end of my 3 to 5 hour drive to the vacation location. they’re perfect for shopping in hot beach resort locations; keeps food in the safe temperature range.
I purchased three (3) coolers and replaced my odd shaped less reliable coolers. I can’t do business without them!”

-Jill Aker-Ray

“Love this cooler, we use it all the time! I have used my Stay Cool, with temps of 90 degrees, the food stays Cool! Thanks”


“We used the flip box classic cooler on a 5 hr trip to MD in 90 degree heat. Everything arrived fresh and cold. Great product. Actually bought 2 and gave one to my sister to use when she travels.”

-Karen Cramer