Mini collapsible lunch cooler in cyan sold by Stay Cool Hot Stuff

Learn Why Flip-Box Insulated Boxes Are The Right Choice

The New Year rolled around, the fireworks fizzled, and the leftovers are piling in the fridge. The kids are back in school; we’re back at our jobs, and some are working to fulfill their New Year resolutions. With the New Year comes colder temperatures and with that comes spending more time indoors, which is why now is a great time to check out the Stay Cool products for limitless benefits to having our environmentally-friendly and insulated products in your home.

Food, drinks, snacks, anything you desire you can fit in our products. Want a nice hot cup of coffee made at home on your way to work? The Flip-Box Wine and Beverage Insulation Cooler can keep that cup of joe warm for you! Do you want a hot soup for your work break when you’re fighting that small cold? Pack it up with the Flip-Box Mini Collapsible Cooler and Insulation Box.

Not only for work does it excel in its mobility and use, but for the occasional road trips and errands you have to run. Even if you’re stopping for a soda or a burrito, put it in and close it shut. The item will stay cool or warm until you get to your destination. With its storage space you can carry full meals with you wherever you go!

Do you remember your New Year resolutions? Was one to eat healthier and lose weight? Well, pack up some fruit and water in one of our insulated boxes and get going to the gym! Are you trying to be more environmentally-friendly and recycle more often? Our products are durable, dishwasher safe, and 100% recyclable if the time ever comes to toss out this amazing product!

Clunky coolers don’t have anything compared to the Stay Cool Hot Stuff products! Make sure you pick the right choice when trying to transport and store your food nowadays. Even if you’re packing for more than just yourself, there’s the Flip-Box XL Collapsible Cooler and Insulation Box! If you’re not so sure you need all that space, there’s even a mini version.

There’s plenty of other uses for this unique and eco-friendly product. If you want to learn more and order for you or a friend, check out the rest of the products out here!