foldable cooler for your vehicle

Heading Out in Your RV – Don’t Forget Your Flip-Box Cooler

With the insulated box cooler, you not only can use them for picnics, road trips, and family outings, but they also make great tools when staying in an RV or going camping! If you’re out under the tent or in the RV, you can have this packed for whenever you want to go out and enjoy nature or if you even want to hide some food and drinks from any critters that may get into it otherwise.

Not only does the insulated box cooler hold food and drinks, but you can even hold other items in it too! Need bug spray, spray deodorant, or an ice pack to cool you off? All of those and more can fit inside the insulated box for whenever you need them next. Don’t want to have to deal with suitcases? Use one of our flip-box items instead! Just make sure before you would use the insulated box as a cooler for food that it is cleaned out! If you want to be super cautious, you can run your Flip-Box Cooler through your dishwasher.

With the small amount of space, you can even fold it up and pack it behind the foldable beds, against the wall on the counter, or even in a cabinet. You know you need as much room as you can get especially if you’re with a partner, friends, or family on your trip! There are plenty more products we have that can help such as the larger insulation coolers, beverage coolers, and more!

If you are the nature type and love spending every optional moment you can outside, whether it be alone or not, our products can become a much-needed help! Check our products out and order yours today!