XL Flip Box is perfect for caterers

Flip-Box Insulated Box the Right Choice for Caterers

Whether it’s a picnic, banquet, or wedding reception, Stay Cool Hot Stuff can provide the right accessories for all your catering needs. With our products, you can hold chaffing pans full of food, beverages, condiments, and many other items for all types of events. Specifically, our Flip-Box XL Collapsible Cooler & Insulation Box can hold up to two full chaffing dishes!

With a load capacity of 55 pounds, this is the dream device for any caterer! You won’t need to worry about those heavy hot boxes or the ugly white Styrofoam coolers. Our sleek, black and gray colors give your catering company the professional look you would want with a cooler or hot box. The best part about our Flip-Box Insulated box is that when you are finished with them, you can fold them up for easy storage. This reduces the amount of space you will need for your hot boxes and gives you more room for other items.

From your oven to the catering job, these Flip-Box insulated coolers get the job done. A few other features include that they are environmentally-friendly and dishwasher safe. They are also very lightweight and easy to manage, which means just about anyone on your crew can carry them.

The best feature out of all of the great benefits with our Flip-Box Insulated Coolers is that they can keep your hot foods hot for 4 hours and will only change 12 degrees in that time! What caterer wouldn’t want that? This guarantees that your food will be hot and ready for the guests when your catering event starts.

What more could a caterer want? Our device is there for all your needs! Check out this product and several others that can help keep your food and drinks insulated! There’s no need to go out and buy a bulky cooler that’ll take up too much room. Get rid of the hassle with Stay Cool Hot Stuff and look into our environmentally friendly product!