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Flip-Box Insulated Box – The Perfect Collapsible Car Cooler

A few months ago, we had a customer reach out to us and share with us that they love their new cooler but that they struggled to find our website. Striving to be easy for our customers to find, we wanted to find out why. So, we reached out to them to find out how they searched for us. We found out that they had searched for a foam collapsible car cooler. It made us realize then, that while we push the use of our Flip-Box cooler for just about everything, the one thing we weren’t focusing on was the fact that they make perfect collapsible coolers for the car! And, the funny thing is, here at Stay Cool Hot Stuff, we keep collapsible coolers in our cars all the time!

The fact is, you’ll never know when you’ll need to keep something cool while out and about running errands. So, why not be prepared.

One of the best things about our polypropylene insulated boxes is that they are easy to store. Instead of keeping a large, bulky cooler in your car for those times when you find you need one, our collapsible cooler fits perfectly without taking up too much space. The main decision then becomes, which one of our insulated boxes should you keep in your car? We think it’s between one of our most popular sizes.

Classic Flip-Box
Our most popular size, and the one that probably makes the most sense, is our Classic size. This size is perfect for those quick grocery runs and is the perfect size for a square cake box, just saying!

XL Flip-Box
If you have a larger family, the classic may not be the best size to keep in your car. If that is the case, you may want to go with our XL flip-box for your collapsible car cooler.

Whichever size you go with, we can guarantee our insulated boxes will make the best car cooler!