Mini collapsible lunch cooler in cyan sold by Stay Cool Hot Stuff

Flip-Box Cooler, The Iceless Cooler

Not only do you need a cooler on your trips or at a picnic, but you usually need to fill it with some ice beforehand if you’re trying to keep your drinks and snacks cold. Coolers are already heavy enough, and when you add ice into the mix, it only gets heavy. Why not go with a cooler that is environmentally-friendly, much lighter, and has the ability to keep your food around the same temperature for hours without using ice?!?

With Stay Cool Hot Stuff our products make the hassle of owning and carrying around a cooler much easier as they are iceless coolers. With our flip-box collapsible cooler and insulation boxes, varying in sizes from extra large to classic, your items can be kept cold for up to 24 hours and your warmer items hot for 10 hours! Our products are designed to be iceless; however, if you want to ensure your items stay cooler longer, all you need to do is add ice packs! Avoid using loose ice as it will leak as the ice melts.

Without lugging the extra weight of ice around, it is a breeze filling your Stay Cool Hot Stuff cooler up with whatever foods and drinks you crave and heading off to your next destination. How many coolers have you heard of or seen on advertisements when you flick through the channels that are as unique as our iceless, flip-box coolers?

Another great feature our coolers offer is the ability to reduce in size. In just a few seconds, it will reduce to more than 50% its original size. This makes for easy storage!

If you’re tired of lugging around your clunky old cooler, check out our website and find an iceless cooler that fits your family and needs! We even have an insulation beverage cooler for your thermos! Check them out today.