Keep your cold foods cold and your hot foods hot longer with Stay Cool Hot Stuff’s Flip-Boxes.

These insulated boxes are German engineered and designed to keep your food at proper temperature for hours. They are good for the environment and a perfect replacement for those clumsy white Styrofoam coolers and those clunky oversized coolers. The Flip-Box is best because they are collapsible, light-weight and food safe!

The Flip-Box coolers are designed to keep hot foods hot for 4 hours and will only change 12 degrees. For cold foods, they have the ability to keep your foods cold for 10 hours, no ice needed! If you need items to be cold for a longer period of time, ice packs may be used, but loose ice may leak out of the cooler.


Just a few reasons why you should consider replacing your current coolers with a Flip-Box cooler:

Dishwasher Safe
Food Safe
100% Recyclable
Can safely hold dishes that are up to 400 degrees.

There are several different sizes for you to choose from when choosing your environmentally safe Flip-Box.

They include:

Classic Flip-Box, when opened it measures 15.75 by 15.75 by 8.7 inches.
Mini Flip-Box, perfect as a lunch box, and when opened it measures 11.5 by 11.5 by 6.3 inches.
Wine Cooler measures 15.6 by 5 inches.
Large Flip-Box, when opened it measures 16.5 by 16.5 by 9.4 inches.
Extra Large Flip-Box, when opened it measures 23.6 by 23.6 by 9.8 inches.

If you’re looking for a new alternative to your clunky old cooler and would like something environmentally friendly, consider Stay Cool Hot Stuff’s Flip-Box coolers!

Customer Testimonials

Kept food cold for 2 hr travel!

Awesome cooler! First time using the cooler traveled over 2 hrs. for a reunion amazed how the food was still as cold from when I placed it in the cooler! Highly recommend!

Sue Purdon

These are the best…

These are the best… They do keep things cold for hours or warm fold-up EZ Storage

Amy Falk

Excellent product. Great customer service.

Excellent product. Great customer service.

Edwin Skipper

Great idea and product.

Great idea and product. Lightweight and easy to store. I ordered the flip box cooler and the wine carrier. They both work great. I used them both to keep drinks cold and was really happy with how the product kept everything the right temperature. Then, they both fit in my cabinet in the kitchen, so they are easy to get to. I highly recommend this product for the summer, will be great to take drinks to the pool and the beach.

Amazon Customer

I’ve been very happy with this.

I’ve been very happy with this. I’ve used it a few times, and it keeps food cool as good as any cooler I’ve used. Plus it’s super lightweight and pretty fun (and easy) to put together.


Love these insulated boxes.

Love these insulated boxes. We have one for each of our vehicles!!!!

Sue P.

Great cooler and also great for carrying hot food.

Great cooler and also great for carrying hot food. It folds up so it doesn’t take much room to store. The best part is I don’t need ice. I leave it in my car so I have it when food shopping and I don’t have to rush home. I’ve used it to take a casserole dish to a dinner party and it stayed hot. I would highly recommend.


…the flexibility of this product makes it worth the investment.

While a bit pricey, the flexibility of this product makes it worth the investment. The quality is great, it keeps things insulated (hot or cold) while taking almost no room when not being used. I have two now (one for each car) and use them both all the time.


Absolutely love

Absolutely love this cooker box for transporting cakes, pies, etc.

Murrayel Lindstrom

I have this cooler and the round wine cooler and LOVE them!!

I have this cooler and the round wine cooler and LOVE them!!

Shortly after receiving them as a gift, we left to go camping for a few days, and I emptied some items from the freezer, refrigerator and pantry all into one “box”. I intermingled the cold with the frozen and added the pantry items (coffee, bread, oatmeal) on top , just to save myself another trip to the car.

After 16 hours, not only were the items still cold, the frozen items were still between frozen and nicely defrosting!!!! Nothing was “sweaty” or damp. I guess because there wasn’t any ice to melt all over our groceries!!

Amazon Customer

Great product…

Great product and great company to deal with. Will buy again as gifts!

Dell Croft

Keeps things frozen. The key is to keep the box full.

Keeps things frozen. The key is to keep the box full. I keep plastic shopping bags in it in case there is some empty space. When you do that, it stays cold for hours.

Amazon Customer

It was a life saver!!!!

I recently relocated to FL with my husband and our 15 month old daughter. A few weeks ago Irma hit. It was our 1st hurricane experience. We took a 3 hour drive to my husbands Aunts house. My daughter is on milk. I had no idea how I would travel 3 hour and keep her bottle cold. Then I remembered the wine cooler. It fit 2 bottles which kept cold for well over the 3 hour car ride. We also brought the XL cooler as well. Good thing we did!! The power went out because of the storm! We were able to keep her milk cold along with the other items in the fridge until the power came back on!!! It was a life saver!!!! I highly recommend to anyone to keep items both hot and cold!!!!

George Bankuti


IT WORKS!!!! And it’s compact when folded. Great for keeping handy in even the smallest car.

Pamela Dohner

Does what promises and quite portable

Does what promises and quite portable.

Amazon Customer

Got it for my husband he loves it.

Got it for my husband he loves it.

Portalatin Rodriguez

This is my 3rd purchase.

This is my 3rd purchase. Grabbed this one because it was on sale and because I love the first two. Really handy to keep in the car. Sometimes I stow it away in the hidden cubby under the trunk. Everything stays cold in it, if the items are already cold. I use it a lot during the summer. I took it out of my car once (to clean) and forgot to put it back in. I went grocery shopping and felt terrible when I bought all my cold meats and loaded them into my car which had been baking out in the sun. It felt like a furnace. I had to blast the AC and rush home to put everything in the fridge. If I had my cooler, I wouldn’t have worried and I could have stopped at a few places to shop.


Not only did the milk make it the entire three day weekend…

Used it tent camping at an outdoor music festival over the weekend daily temperatures in the high nineties and the heat index around 106 degrees. We put one gallon size Nordic Ice reusable freezer pack and one bag of ice (maybe ten pounds of cubes) in the cooler along with some food and a half gallon of milk. Not only did the milk make it the entire three day weekend, but as we left on Sunday, we actually gave our campsite neighbors about a pound of the single bag of ice we bought on Friday, and the Nordic Ice bag was still partially frozen. Wow!


I love these. I got 3 different ones.

I love these. I got 3 different ones. I got the regular, XL and also the wine bottle cooler! I LOVE THEM! I can not say enough about these.

It fits 60 cans… 60! It is huge! Whats even nicer is it folds down really small so when you go somewhere you can save space until you need it the size of a cooler. I used this for 48 energy drinks I received and it was only about half to 3/4 full. I was amazed at the size. I was able to throw some dry ice in also and the drinks got cold within about 20 min and stayed cold for a couple days after the dry ice melted. I love these coolers!

They are build out of a state of the art insulation in Germany that allows items to say Cold or Hot! Very cool! They definitely seem very durable also. Not like the cheap Styrofoam that breaks when you put too much in or after a few packing and unpackings. These stay whole for a long time! And again small for transport but huge for packing! Love these! Definitely recommend these for anyone in need of a cooler… works great for sports teams too. I got them and used them for my sons football team and put Gatorade in them and they had cold Gatorade all game long! Love love love these!

Jeff Toplak

This is the best product ever !!!

This is the best product ever !!! You can use it anywhere take hot or cold food drinks and the best part about it you use no ice no messes to clean up form water dripping its light easy to carry whats not to like about the product !!! Easy for my kids to use and carry my husband love to take it to work thank you Stay Cool Hot Stuff

Shannon Stewart

Real good chest

Real good chest, My son gave me one which I keep in my van & i liked it so we’ll\ I purchased the larger one for my wife’s van.

Redneck Rep

Maintained its temperature for a 10 hour trip.

We purchased a Flip Box XL for our son who uses it for long trip food transfers. He raved about the effectiveness of the cooler food from the Fridge. Maintained its temperature for a 10 hour trip. The cooler also serves well on a trip to the beach it was used with ice for the day than the cooler stayed outside for a couple of days, and much to our surprise the ice was still there. We would recommend this cooler to long distance travelers as well as beach and picnic goers.

Amazon Customer

Love Love Love this flip-box cooler.

Love Love Love this flip-box cooler. Keeps cold food cold without ice, and hot foods hot. I used for a weekend camping trip and it was a Life saver. I plan to buy another! Also, flattens down for easy storage. I highly recommend.


These are as easy to use and clean as advertised.

These are as easy to use and clean as advertised. They really keep thing cold. I haven’t used it for hot stuff yet.

Kindle Customer


Wonderful. I keep buying for others because ours is so wonderful.

Sharon Kester